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Onderzoek Bèta&TechMentality (Engelstalig)

The BètaMentality model was developed in 2008 and 2011 at the behest of Platform Bèta Techniek. This segmentation model gave a new perspective on young people and how they are or can be involved in STEM by starting from the values and motives of the young people themselves. Since the creation of the model, BètaMentality has been a starting point for recruitment and communication among many organizations in the education and technical sectors. This approach has proved to be successful, but the high demand for technically educated people remains . Additionally , there have been many changes in the field of technology over the past ten years, and the model’s target group has largely aged out of the model. That is why Platform Talent voor Technologie wants to have the BètaMentality model recalibrated.

Motivaction and Youngworks were asked to perform this recalibration. Youngworks performed the qualitative research that was needed for the recalibration. Motivaction carried out the quantitative phase in which we established a division into segments using a resear ch method similar to the one used in 2008 and 2011.

Translator’s Note: This Beta&TechMentality research project was carried out in The Netherlands. The results are applicable for the Dutch education and employment market.